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Bundaberg Renal Support Group Fundraiser

The ECT4Health Team are proud to provide a 2-day fully catered nursing seminar to help raise funds for the Bundaberg Renal Support Group.  Don’t miss a great opportunity to refresh your nursing skills whilst helping a GREAT cause.

Kidney-related disease kills more Australians each year than breast cancer, prostate cancer and road accidents combined, yet awareness of this silent killer remains low according to Australia’s leading kidney health organisation.

The Bundaberg Renal Support Group meets at Bundaberg Hospital each month and anyone with a kidney condition as well as their carers and family members are welcome to attend.

Content Includes:

  • Kidney anatomy, EGFR and renal physiology overview
  • Hypertension, the RAAS and the antihypertensives
  • Chronic heart failure
  • Introduction to 12-lead interpretation
  • and much more…

Join us with our nursing experts in this two day fully catered program…

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