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Cardiac Nursing Seminars and Workshop

Cardiac Nursing Seminars and Workshop

Acute Cardiac Module-1 Seminar – 1 Day

Our acute one day cardiac nursing seminar (Cardiac Module-1) includes core prerequisite knowledge with:

- A fundamental overview of cardiac cell physiology, sarcomere function and troponin
- Basic cardiac mechanical function and electrophysiology
- ECG waves, and linking these to pump function
- Basic Lead II (monitor and telemetry) rhythm interpretation
- Recognition of Sinus rhythms, Atrial and other supraventricular rhythms
- AV heart blocks and how to differentiate
- Ventricular and life threatening rhythm interpretation
- Introduction to ST segment analysis
- Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for Cardiovascular disease
- The sugar/fat/dietary hypothesis and discussion on the evidence around cholesterol
- Differential diagnosis for chest pain
- Pathophysiology of acute coronary syndromes
- Pathogenesis of MI – its assessment and management are reviewed

At the completion of this one day seminar, nurses and paramedics will have an understanding of basic cardiac rhythm, the assessment of a patient experiencing acute chest pain and management modalities of chest pain events.  This seminar is pitched at students in 2nd-3rd year, Paramedics and RNs in acute care settings where oxygen and ECGs are performed.


Acute Cardiac Module-2 Seminar – 1 Day

Our acute one day cardiac nursing seminar (Cardiac Module-2) includes core prerequisite knowledge with:

- Full content from module 1 (delivered on day-1 of a two day seminar)
- Pathophysiology of arteriosclerosis,  plaque rupture and clot leading to MI
- Introduction to interpretation of the 12 lead ECG including ST segment, Axis deviation, and Bundle branch blocks
- Chest pain nursing assessment
- Oxygen and its use in chest pain – a presentation of the evidence
- Diagnosis, pathogenesis and pharmacology of hypertension

The ECT4Health full 2-day Cardiac Nursing seminar is designed for nurses and students in the health sciences (premed, medicine, nursing and paramedical) to develop contemporary knowledge and confidence in the assessment and management of patients experiencing acute cardiac events.  Our comprehensive two day cardiac nursing seminars include the fundamental rhythm interpretation and an introduction to 12 lead ECGs.


Advanced Cardiac Module-3 Seminar – 1 Day

Our advanced one day cardiac nursing seminar (Cardiac Module-3) includes core prerequisite knowledge with:

- Cardiac cell chemistry, and electrophysiological stimulation
- Understanding the features of action potential, and electrolyte flux at different phases of the AP
- Cardiac biomarkers – Troponin
- Pathogenesis and altered physiology of heart failure and it’s treatment
- Frank Starling principle and the pathodrome of altered cardiac physics
- Evolution of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy
- Advanced ECG features, Brugada, Wolfe-Parkinson white, and rogue electrical pathways
- Understanding EPS, cardiac echos and invasive cardiac procedures
- Understanding heart sounds
- Overview of pacing, and antiarrhythmic drugs used in cardiology

This program can be requested by facilities wishing to facilitate cardiac, high dependency, emergency, critical care, intensive care nursing staff CPD, at a level that is more advanced than content listed in Modules 1 and 2.  Both modules 1 and 2 are highly recommended as prerequisites, as concepts learned in these seminar days will serve as a foundation of core knowledge for this advanced day of cardiac education.  This Module 3 day is a science/advanced physiology intense program.  This program includes a practical session on heart sounds and a quality stethoscope (Cumper & Robbins  Cardiology Trikopf stethoscope) will be provided, and available for purchase either when enrolling or at the workshop. Additional cost is $100. (normal RRP $110+gst and postage).

8:30am - 4:30pm
22 Places

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