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  • 14 Sep 2020


    14th September 2020 – Gold Coast

    23rd September 2020 – Sydney

    28th September 2020 – Brisbane

    5th October 2020 – Perth

    19th October 2020 – Melbourne

    28th October 2020 – Townsville

    13th November 2020 – Launceston

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HDU/ICU/Critical Care Seminar

Are you an ICU/HDU/Critical Care nurse or paramedic?

Has it been a while since you did a refresher or are you new to the field?

Our ICU/High Dependency unit refresher day might be your 7.0 CPD answer.

In this full-on theoretical seminar, we cover advanced respiratory and cardiac physiology to help improve your confidence and knowledge of Ventilation (NIV and invasive), inotropes and vasopressors, sedation, muscle relaxants and opiates. Limited places at these one-day events.

Content includes:

  • Blood Gases
  • Acute Lung Injury
  • Gas Exchange Physiology
  • Shock, sepsis and coagulopathy
  • Critical care drugs
  • and lots more….

This is a full-on day of head spinning Critical Care geekery!

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