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“Let’s CLICK” – Clinical Leaders Influencing Culture and Know-How Seminar

Our newest ECT4Health seminar takes you on a mindful journey through the psychology of leading clinical teams, with compassion and spunk.

This full day program for senior nurses in clinical leadership roles is ideal for Clinical Nurse (Level 2 Registered Nurses through CNC, CNS, CNF & Nurse/Midwife Educators to NUMs/MUMs.

It encompasses the psychology of caring and effective teams and the pathophysiology of compassion fatigue.  Mindfulness, and the neuroscience of stress,  bullying and collegial discourse will be addressed in this brave new workshop delivered by our favourite organisational culture coach – Jane Stanfield (Nurse/Midwife and change agent).

Nurses and midwives know that they are caught in the middle of the chaos and complexity of healthcare systems that currently leave their colleagues burnt out, stressed and seeking alternative careers.

If we are the bulk of the care/compassion workforce, why do we perceive so little self care, or kindness to each other.

Join Jane Stanfield (Nurse/Midwife and change agent) for the best education day you’ll attend this year.

Learn from real world health care data and develop immediate strategies to re-invigorate not only your career, but those you lead.

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