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POW Seminar - Protecting Our Wellbeing

POW Seminar - Protecting Our Wellbeing

Come to this day for a powerful set of strategies to help you remain powerful, connected and caring….it is possible.  Whilst the language of nursing is currently peppered with terms like “burnout”, “compassion fatigue” and “moral distress”…it IS possible to allay them and stop them in their tracks.  Though it sounded foreign a few years ago, suddenly some of us are finding ourselves feeling seriously at risk.  It is a topic of conversation from new graduate colleagues right through to our senior nurses, some who sadly feel they are “crawling to the finish line” – it doesn’t have to be this way, come and join us for a lively, pragmatic and hopeful day of sharing with colleagues.    

Personally, it affects our physical wellbeing, our sense of self-esteem, our relationships with patients, colleagues and, sadly sometimes, our families and ultimately our satisfaction and contentment with life.  Professionally, attitudes are contagious – our innovative, creative, caring and energetic colleagues (who probably could figure out a positive way forward) are at risk of being swamped by cynicism, frustration and defeatism way too early in their careers. 

And when nurses and other healthcare providers disconnect, our patients (residents, clients, women, families and communities) suffer as the system becomes less caring, less safe, less personal and less effective.  We really need to stop it in its tracks - come and discuss how we can. 

8:30am - 4:30pm
State :
  • Queensland
Town :
  • Brisbane

Course Content 

  • Managing energy and momentum (vs only “managing time”) – maintaining momentum
  • Giving yourself time to reconnect and centre – with your priorities; your colleagues and your profession
  • Core elements to perform at our best – sleep, positive affect and moderating stress
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