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ACANA - Aged Care Acute Nursing Assessment

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ACANA - Aged Care Acute Nursing Assessment
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Aged Care Nurses are such a huge part of our workforce, and the common misconception is that Aged Care Nursing is a low hanging apple. This is just so wrong! Our elderly population are some of the most complext in our nursing practise. They have a lifetime of experiences, a number of chronic conditions and often multiple medications. There is nothing simple about these people
You work in a facility that promotes the principle philosophy, that this is their home. It’s not (nor should it be) a medicalised model.
But… here is the paradox. You’re first a nurse. Your hard wired to not only care, and promote dignity and offer safety , but you are at the centre of your being, a clinician. You’re a diagnostician, and you believe you are more than a pill dispenser , a wound dresser and a paperwork coordinator!!!
A piece of you is missing when you’re not working to your scope, but you’re anxious that you’ve deskilled. When that resident subtly deteriorated, that, UTI wasn’t picked up early, that BP was crazy high when the doctor saw your resident, a tiny piece of you wished you had the confidence in your acute assessment skills, that you could have made a more comprehensive assessment before waving them off in an ambulance to the local ED.
Our Aged Care Acute Nursing Assessment Day will help to refresh your skills to assist you when acute episodes occur with your residents. The education will improve your confidence and your care

ACANA (FLYER_ACANA_2024.pdf, 353 Kb) [Download]


Course Content

[ ] Anatomy refresher
- [ ] Assessing Cardiovascular and Respiratory deterioration.
- [ ] Listening to their chest - understanding wheezes, Rales, crackles and Creps
- [ ] Blood pressure medication and diuretics
- [ ] When infections might mean sepsis.
- [ ] Diabetic emergencies
- [ ] Strokes and other Sudden neurological discourse

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