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Book an educator & handpick your nursing topics for a truly tailored CPD training day, seminar, fundraiser or event

If your schedule doesn't line up with our calendar of CPD seminars, workshops and holidays or you need a Medical MC for your next event, our onsite seminars are the perfect solution. We ensure your team is on the same page and up to speed with the latest practices whilst knocking over their required CPD. All you need to do is tell us what you wish to learn plus organise a venue and we will come to you with course content specifically tailored to your teams educational requirements.

Many hospitals seek our onsite seminars as a cost effective option to offer education to their clinical staff or to host fundraisers that also have the added benefit of attracting CPD.

Our educators are handpicked from clinical practices to provide real world examples that inspires nurses and paramedics to be better with what they know. CPD courses include subjects such as cardiac, wound care, plastering, suturing, pharmacology updated (Rusty Pills), trauma fundamentals, respiratory and more.

Onsite seminars allow you the freedom to build your own course, select a few hours of trauma or cardiac, respiratory or any other theme topic. Regardless of whether or not we regularly offer a subject, we will create peer reviewed content for you.

We have helped many organisations raise money or cost recover their seminar plus assisted entire teams of nurses with their CPD.

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