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Established In 2007 ECT4Health Provides Nursing CPD Certificates Throughout Brisbane, Australia & Abroad

Our programs make obtaining your 20 CPD not only easy and fun but you will also meet like minded professionals and learn adaptable industry specific knowledge that can be applied to your clinical practice.

If you’re a healthcare professional looking to further your knowledge we offer Education, Consultancy and Training in a variety of methods - from Island hopping cruises, and tropical holidays, to intimate team workshops held in your own town or facility.

All of our CPD seminars, workshops and conferences are facilitated by qualified healthcare professionals at the top of their game with years of practical hands on experience. Seminars and workshops include subjects such as cardiac care, wound care, plastering, pharmacology updates (Rusty Pills), trauma fundamentals, respiratory, suturing, IV cannulation, Advanced life support and more. No matter what you wish to learn, our programs can be tailored to meet your specific educational requirements, from half day sessions to five day conferences plus we will travel to you!

Easily complete your nursing or paramedic CPD requirements while either enjoying a holiday, attending our seminars or by scheduling in a team workshop Upcoming Courses Enquire Now

CPD Holidays, seminars & workshops


CPD Holidays Seminars & Workshops

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