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Assessment Skills Workshop

Assessment Skills Workshop

ECT4Health’s Assessment Skills workshop (ASW) is a great new practical hands-on workshop held over three days.

Many nurses working in acute ambulatory settings require Triage skills which mandates sharp initial assessment skills.  

ASW is the program for those nurses.  ASW is for all nurses and paramedics, and their students, to tune up those clinical assessment skills. 

Day one is focused on airway and breathing - participants will gain a deeper understanding and practical hands-on management of assessing and intervening with airway and breathing compromise.  Insertion of supraglottal airways and practice with the use of a bag valve mask and assisting with intubation will sharpen your airway confidence.

Day two looks at cardiac, pulse, blood pressure and skin indicator assessment of shock, and we review ECGs.  The afternoon sessions focus on honing IV cannulation and the insertion of an IO device (EZIO). 

Day three takes a deep dive into sepsis, ALOC and blood sugar.  The afternoon offers an activity to perform hands on physical head to toe assessment of the unwell or trauma patient.

This program is ideal for city and rural nurses as well as paramedics.  The skills you know, enriched, will give you confidence to bring your assessment ‘A’ game.

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