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HDU/ICU/Critical Care Online Education Series

HDU/ICU/Critical Care Online Education Series

Are you a High Dependency, Intensive Care Unit, Critical Care nurse or paramedic?  Has it been a while since you did a refresher or are you new to the field?

The ECT4Health HDU/ICU/Critical Care Series (HICCS) online education series is designed to assist nurses who have found themselves having to update their knowledge to be confident to work with patients that have critical illness.  The program focuses on respiratory assessment distress and respiratory failure management.

There is a review on ABG analysis, up to date assessment and management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) as a pathophysiological consequence of COVID19.   Cardiac support looking at a range of critical care specific medication, a session updating the learner on sepsis and shock to completes this 10 CPD (10 Part series).

This seminar is ideal for the Registered Nurse with some experience in medical nursing, through to the HDU or ICU nurses looking to refresh their education about COVID19 and its respiratory course to ARDS.

The HDU/ICU/Critical Care online education series has a solid 10 CPD delivered in 10 x 1 hour video conference sessions using the platform ZOOM.

Self-paced learning in the comfort of your own home!



  • PDF handout of session
  • ZOOM access link to watch the education series
  • 10 CPD certificate 
Session 1 Basic Cell Physiology - Lactate and ATP
Session 2 Gas Exchange (External Respiration), VQ, PF Ratio, Covid-19 - ARDS/ALI
Session 3 ABG Refresher - pH, PaC02, HC03
Session 4 ABGs - Understanding Compensation
Session 5 NiPPV – CPAP vs BPAP (understanding Pressure support)
Session 6 Invasive Ventilation – SIMV, PS & PEEP
Session 7 Critical care drugs: Adrenergic receptor physiology, Inotropes and Pressors
Session 8 Critical care drugs: Sedatives, NM Blocking agents
Session 9 Sepsis Overview – qSOFA and Physiology
Session 10 Shock – Cardiogenic, Hypovolaemic, Obstructive and Distributive

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