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The ECT4Health BLOG: KYJ - Knowing Your Jargon

Yay!!   you found our BLOG : -stay up to-date on all the latest industry tips, tricks and news you didn't realise you needed to know!

Here at ECT4Health our nurse educators regularly post KYJ's that cover a range of topics from cardiac to wound care. We break down all the academic jargon, give first hand real life examples and dispel common myths about healthcare procedures. Stay in the know with our educational and interesting medical news updates.  

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21 Sep 2021

Electrolytes in an arrest

Electrolytes                -  Quick Tip – remember 5    In a cardiac arrest a second line drug therapy (after Adrenaline and Toblerone)...

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20 Aug 2021

ECT4Health - Understanding Kidneys Creatinine and Urea

  In this quick KYJ (KnowingYourJargon) I wanted to refresh you on these two important waste products excreted by your kidneys....

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17 May 2021

ECT4Health - Understanding Pneumonia. Its not a Chest infection!!

KYJ29- Pneumonia Back to basics with today's Knowing Your Jargon episode. Many nurses have a skewed understanding of respiratory...

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06 May 2021

ECT4Health - Understanding Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccination Administration ( #SIRVA )

# SIRVA In today’s #KYJ we look at this rare immunisation complication. Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA)...

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28 Apr 2021

ECT4Health - Understanding the Covid Vaccine and clots as a side effect

KYJ - knowing your jargon. How does someone have clots yet no platelets? Clots and vaccines??  Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia???...

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28 Apr 2021

ECT4Health - Understanding Capillary Pressures with Bed sores (Decubitus Ulcers)

How is a Decubitus Ulcer(bed sore),  a subdural Haemorrhage,  a spinal cord injury, And glaucoma all similar?       They...

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28 Apr 2021

ECT4Health - Understanding Pain assessment - Tricky

Are you assessing pain ?   One of the most neglected skill sets of a clinician, is pain assessment.     Much has been written over the...

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28 Apr 2021

ECT4Health - Understanding Haemostasis Part 1 of 3 - Vasoconstriction

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17 Sep 2020

ECT4Health - Wound Care Today

Have you got TIME to assess your patient’s wound? Wound assessment is one of those tasks in nursing you either hate or love.   Few would deny...

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08 Mar 2020

ECT4Health - EKA and Gliflozins

Why do these drugs cause EKA? #kYJ Euglycaemic KetoAcidosis (EKA) With the introduction of *Gliflozins as a strategy to target...

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01 Feb 2020

ECT4Health - How Vaccination Works

Do you ever remember tasting something or smelling something that takes you back to a childhood memory?   Perhaps it was a tune you...

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