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Advanced Physiology Seminar

Advanced Physiology Seminar

To truly offer a holistic approach to the care of complex patients, nurses should embrace the raw sciences that inform and justify decisions when time is critical.  The ECT4Health Advanced Physiology seminar refreshes those sciences.

Giants like physiology and anatomy, pathophysiology and pharmacology are all taught in under-grad and post-grad programs, however outside of the hallowed halls of an academic institution, our CPD and in-services rarely refreshes those core concepts that inform practice.

Course Content 

  • Cell physiology, Hypoxia and Lactate production
  • Oxygen and its toxicity
  • Energy, Acid/base balance (ABG analysis)
  • The lethal Triad – Acidosis, Hypothermia and Coagulopathy
  • Shock and its physiology
  • Sepsis and its predictable pathophysiological deterioration into shock
  • Respiratory failure, PF ratio/ VQ mismatch
  • Acid/base balance (ABG analysis)
  • Ischaemic pathophysiology and the formation of a thrombus
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