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Rusty Pills 2 Seminar - "Still Rusty" Medication Refresher Course

Rusty Pills 2 Seminar - "Still Rusty" Medication Refresher Course

If you loved our Rusty Pills seminar – a refresher on common pharmacology for Nurses and Paramedics, then the long-awaited sequel is now here!

Rusty Pills 2 – “Still Rusty”  looks at the safety and risk management of medication.  We cover the APINCH high risk drugs, and dive into the GI system with medications from one end of the GIT to the other.

Expect to refresh your understanding on Gastric presentations, GORD, Ulcers, Diarrhoea and constipation.  Journey with me through the Liver and understand hepatic failure and the common medications used.  Our sojourn to the dark recesses of endocrine disorders and Cardiac Inotropic medications will round of this eclectic mix of pharmaceutical tom-foolery.

If you have done Rusty Pills (one) then this is your next chapter.  If you haven’t, this next installment has been written in a way that you can do Rusty Pills 2 independent of the original.

All the drugs are different.  Dad jokes are probably all the same.

Are you still rusty?

Course Content

  • Medication safety and administration
  • Spotlighting APINCH medicines and DDIs
  • Vitamins and mineral supplementation
  • Fat metabolism and obesity medication
  • Thyroid, adrenal and pituitary disease pharmacology
  • Exploring laxative, aperients
  • Hormone replacement strategies
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