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Physiology With Rob Online Education Series

Physiology With Rob Online Education Series

ECT4Health has created a special 5 part series - Physiology with Rob - in which nurses and paramedics will revisit the dark side - the freekygeeky stuff that we learn - forget - then relearn all over again. 

Starting with the basics in cell functions, oxygen and ATP, we track through 5 sessions looking at immunology, sepsis/infection, coagulation and clotting. 

Cardiac and respiratory physiology also in the mix, along with some great dad jokes for free! 

The Physiology with Rob online education series has a solid 5 CPD delivered in 5 x 1 hour video sessions using the platform ZOOM.

Self-paced learning in the comfort of your own home!


  • PDF handout of session
  • ZOOM access link to watch the education series
  • 5 CPD certificate 
Session 1 Cell Physiology
Session 2 Respiration and Gas Exchange
Session 3 Immunology.  Infection v Sepsis
Session 4 Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
Session 5 Haemostasis, Coagulation



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