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Rhythm Interpretation Online Education Series

Rhythm Interpretation Online Education Series

The ECT4Health Rhythm Interpretation is a three part mini-series which covers the anatomy and physiology of the heart and cardiac conduction, then explores monitor rhythms with this mini-series taken from our popular Cardiac Seminar (also available online).

By the end of this mini-series you will nail interpretation of all the rhythms and add a new superpower to your Healthcare Hero arsenal.

This seminar is ideal for all nurses and paramedicas (including students) who monitor patients.

The Rhythm Interpretation online education series has a solid 4.5 CPD delivered in 3 x 1.5 hour video sessions using the platform ZOOM.

Self-paced learning in the comfort of your own home!


  • PDF handout of session
  • ZOOM access link code to watch the education series
  • 4.5 CPD certificate
Session 1  Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology – Understanding output
Session 2  Electrophysiology and understanding the PQRST
Session 3  Rhythm Interpretation - Practical Walk through

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