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Wound Care Online Education Series

Wound Care Online Education Series

The ECT4Health Wound Care online education series takes nurses through the physiology of wound healing, the discourse of chronic indolent wounds, wound assessment, wound healing and dressing selection.  Whether you are in acute care, perisurgical, infectious diseases, aged care/community or school-based care – wounds are one of those low hanging apples that we can always refresh.

Ask yourself “am I confident in reading a wound?”; “do I really know what product this wound needs?”

The Wound Care online education series has a solid 7 CPD delivered in 5 x 60-90 minute video sessions using the platform ZOOM.

Self-paced learning in the comfort of your own home!


  • PDF handout of session
  • ZOOM access link to watch the education series
  • 7 CPD certificate 
Session 1 Cell Physiology - skin/tissue physiology - introducing the fibroblast
Session 2 Understanding the physiology of healing - Haemostasis, Inflammation, Tissue Repair
Session 3 The Pathological Wound - infected, chronic and indolent wounds
Session 4 Wound reading and assessment - the TIME mnemonic and other assessment strategies
Session 5 Dressing choices and wound healing adjuncts



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