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  • 12 Jul 2018


    12th-13th July 2018 – Toowoomba (The Highfields Hub, 55 Highfields Road, Highfields)

    26th-27th July 2018 – Rockhampton (venue to be advised)

    7th-8th August 2018 – Roma (Starlight Motor Inn, 20b Bowen Street (Warrego Highway)

    18th-19th October 2018 – Caloundra (venue to be advised)

    6th-7th December 2018 – Christchurch (NZ) (venue to be advised)

    7th-8th February 2019 – Townsville (venue to be advised)

    4th-5th April 2019 – Toowoomba (venue to be advised)

    30th-31st May 2019 – Bribie Island (venue to be advised)

    13th-14th June 2019 – Mackay (venue to be advised)

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    Cost:  $405.00 ($450.00 from 1st July 2018 – so book now to secure the lower price regardless of the seminar date!)

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Rusty Pills Seminar – Applied Pharmacology Refresher

Our Rusty Pills Seminar – applied pharmacology refresher is a two day seminar that walks through physiology and pharmacology of common patient presentations.  Are you a paramedic, nurse or nursing student who never has time to wade through the text books to find out what that drug or this drug is.  Doing a pill round can be daunting given the fact that you are expected to understand the drugs that you are giving.

Sometimes patients arrive with a bag of pills, or an ice cream container of medications from which you need to record in their medical history.  Are you in the Mims online website more than your patients bedside?

We look at all the rock stars and debunk a few myths along the way.  At the end of this seminar you will be bursing at the seems to share what you learned with your colleagues, and be ready to do that drug inservice at work, that you know deep down inside, you should do.

Its time you refreshed those good old pharmacology concepts, and take you clinical game to the next level.

So ask yourself…  Can my medication knowledge and skills be improved upon?

Content Includes:

  • Understanding concepts like half life, bioavailability and the metabolism of certain drugs
  • Respiratory disease drug therapy, Steriods, SABA/LABAs and the newer COPD/Asthma drugs
  • Cardiac and Hypertension drugs – know your ACE inhibitors from your Angiotensin II blockers and more
  • Coagulation and the drugs that are used to alter it – Heparin/Warfarin and the newer anticoagulants
  • Antiplatelet agents like Aspirin and the role they play
  • Antibiotics vs antiviral drugs – understand how they differ
  • Renal and Hepatic failure drugs
  • Drug legislation and Nurses
  • The scheduling process of medication in Australia and so much more.

This two-day seminar will journey the learner through a thorough process of refreshing normal physiology through to the pathology behind diseases and the drugs used to manage them.  This seminar provides 12 CPD hours towards General Nursing and Scheduled Medicine Endorsement for Registered nurses in Isolated Areas and Rural Hospitals.

This course is directly aimed at those who are a bit rusty on their knowledge, hence the name – Rusty Pills.

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Rusty Pills Seminar  Rusty Pills Seminar  Rusty Pills Seminar