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Blood Gases Online Education Series

Blood Gases Online Education Series

The ECT4Health Blood Gases online education series on interpreting ABGs, is a highly rated and popular series taken from the Respiratory Seminar (also online) and our HDU/ICU/Critical Care series (also online).

We cover ABG values, dive into CO2 and Oxygen and take a look at the complexity of compensation.  Rob teaches ABGs in a simplified format using the Hashtag technique.

This seminar is ideal for all clinicans and students wanting to learn or refresh gas exchange and ABG confidence. 

The series is delivered in 2 x 1 hour video sessions using the platform ZOOM.  The whole series (2 x 1 hour sessions) is at the reduced price of $59.00.

Self-paced learning in the comfort of your own home!


  • PDF handout of session
  • ZOOM access link code to watch the education series
  • 2 CPD certificate
Session 1 Physiology of Gas Exchange, define hypoxia and respiratory failure
Session 2 ABG Refresher - pH, PaC02, HC03 and understanding compensation

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