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Respiratory Failure Nursing Online Education Series

Respiratory Failure Nursing Online Education Series

The ECT4Health Respiratory Failure Nursing Online Education Series is for those who care for patients with respiratory failure, asthma, COPD and dyspnoea who desire a better understanding or update on lung sounds, auscultation, respiratory assessment and ABG analysis.

This series focuses on refreshing nurses with fundamental physiology, of different systems, and how to perform specific focused assessments of patients with respiratory distress.  All nurses need to stay sharp with their assessment skills.  In this course Rob takes you to the cellular level to fully understand deterioration, normal and pathophysiology.  You will really understand those lung sounds.  You assessment of shortness of breath and respiratory parameters will be the envy of the ward.

Ask yourself, Can my skills be improved upon?  Have you ever asked a desaturated patient to take a few deep breaths, just so the O2 sats probe reads a number you want to write down?  Have you ever struggled to understand pre and afterload, and all the respiratory jargon?

This online education series might just be the best seminar you participant in all year.

The ECT4Health Respiratory Failure Nursing Online Education Series is perfect for all levels of nurse/paramedic and has a solid 13.5 hours of CPD delivered in 9 x 1.5 hour video conference sessions using the platform ZOOM. You can choose individual sessions for $39.00 each or purchase the whole series (9 x 1.5 hour sessions) for the reduced price of $330.00.

All sessions are recorded and emailed to those enrolled – so therefore if you are unable to attend the session live, you can view the recorded session at a later stage.


  • PDF handout of session
  • ZOOM access link code to join in live or re-watch the recording
  • CPD certificate
Round 1 dates:
  • Session 1 – 5: Monday 27th July 2020 – Friday 31st July 2020 at 7:00pm (Brisbane time)
  • Session 6 – 9: Monday 3rd August 2020 – Thursday 6th August 2020 at 7:00pm (Brisbane time) 
Session 1  Basic cell biology - Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology overview
Session 2  Interpreting the arterial blood gas (ABG) sample and compensation
Session 3  Activity - practical workshop of Blood Gases
Session 4  VQ Mismatch and Assessing Respiratory Presentations
Session 5  Asthma
Session 6  Chest Infection and COPD
Session 7  Thoracic Trauma 
Session 8  Tools for monitoring respiratory conditions and Red Herrings
Session 9  Chest X-rays - brief tips


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