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Check our where the ECT4Health Team are delivering education throughout Australia. 
Simply click on a seminar name for further details about an individual seminar or to enrol.
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 June 2020 
22nd - 24th Rhythm Interpretation Online Education Series  
 July 2020  
6th - 17th HDU/ICU/Critical Care Online Education Series  
23rd - 24th Rusty Pills 2 Seminar Hervey Bay
27th - 6th Aug Respiratory Failure Nursing Online Education Series  
 August 2020
13th - 14th Bugs 'n Band-Aids (Wound Care) Seminar Toowoomba
13th - 14th Rusty Pills Seminar Cairns
27th - 28th Rusty Pills 2 Seminar Brisbane
 September 2020
9th Paediatric Assessment and Management Seminar Brisbane
10th - 11th Acute Nursing Assessment for Enrolled Nurses Seminar Brisbane
14th HDU/ICU/Critical Care Seminar Gold Coast
17th - 18th Cardiac Nursing Seminar Caloundra
23rd HDU/ICU/Critical Care Seminar Sydney
24th - 25th Acute Renal, Respiratory and Rhythm (ARRR) Seminar Sydney
28th HDU/ICU/Critical Care Seminar Brisbane
30th Acute Cardiac Module-1 Seminar Hervey Bay
 October 2020
1st - 2nd WhatMergency - Emergency Care Seminar Hervey Bay
1st - 2nd Bugs 'n Band-Aids (Wound Care) Seminar Cairns
5th HDU/ICU/Critical Care Seminar Perth
6th Acute Cardiac Module-1 Seminar Perth
8th - 9th Bugs 'n Band-Aids (Wound Care) Seminar Gold Coast
8th - 9th Rusty Pills Seminar Rockhampton
12th - 13th Cardiac Nursing Seminar Toowoomba
15th - 16th Acute Renal, Respiratory and Rhythm (ARRR) Seminar Mackay
19th HDU/ICU/Critical Care Seminar Melbourne
22nd - 23rd Respiratory Failure Nursing Seminar Cairns
28th HDU/ICU/Critical Care Seminar Townsville
29th - 30th Trauma Fundamentals Seminar Townsville
 November 2020
3rd  Advanced Physiology Seminar Brisbane
4th Plastering, Slabbing and Casting Workshop Brisbane
5th Suturing for Health Professionals Workshop Brisbane
11th - 12th Acute Renal, Respiratory and Rhythm (ARRR) Seminar Launceston 
13th HDU/ICU/Critical Care Seminar Launceston
16th - 17th Rusty Pills Seminar Gold Coast
19th Paediatric Assessment and Management Seminar Toowoomba
20th Diabetes Nursing Refresher Seminar Toowoomba
30th POW Seminar - Protecting Our Wellbeing Brisbane
 December 2020
3rd - 4th Respiratory Failure Nursing Seminar Sydney
10th - 11th WhatMergency - Emergency Care Seminar Townsville
17th - 18th Rusty Pills Seminar Cairns