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November 2017

13th-14th                Rusty Pills Seminar in Auckland (NZ)

16th-17th               Acute Respiratory, Renal and Rhythms Seminar (ARRR) in Christchurch (NZ)

21st-22nd              Trauma Fundamentals Seminar in Dubbo (NSW)

27th-28th              Diabetes Nursing Refresher Seminar in Toowoomba (QLD)

29th-30th              Acute Nursing Assessment for Enrolled Nurses Seminar in Brisbane (QLD)


December 2017

14th-15th              Rusty Pills Seminar in Sale (VIC)

18th-19th              Acute Deteriorating Patient Seminar in Horsham (VIC)

22nd                       Suturing for Health Professionals Workshop in Hamilton (VIC)


January 2018

11th-12th              Acute Deteriorating Patient Seminar in Hervey Bay (QLD)

18th-19th              Rusty Pills Seminar in Gold Coast (QLD)

22nd-23rd            Diabetes Nursing Refresher Seminar in Toowoomba (QLD)

24th-25th              Acute Nursing Assessment for Enrolled Nurses Seminar in Bathurst (NSW) 


February 2018

1st-2nd                 Acute Respiratory, Renal and Rhythms Seminar (ARRR) in Barossa Valley (SA)

5th-6th                 Welcome To First-Year (WTF Seminar) in Melbourne (VIC)

7th-8th                 Acute Nursing Assessment for Enrolled Nurses Seminar in Toowoomba (QLD)

14th                        Paediatric Assessment and Management Seminar in Mt Isa (QLD) 

15th-16th              Rusty Pills Seminar in Mt Isa (QLD)

22nd-23rd            Trauma Fundamentals Seminar in Mackay (QLD)


March 2018

8th-9th                  Gatton Hospital Auxiliary Fundraiser Seminar – click here to download brochure and enrolment form

12th-13th              Diabetes Nursing Refresher Seminar in Gold Coast (QLD)

15th-16th              Acute Deteriorating Patient Seminar in Caloundra (QLD)

22nd-23rd            Acute Deteriorating Patient Seminar in Cairns (QLD)

28th-29th             Rusty Pills Seminar in Sydney (NSW) 


April 2018

5th-6th                 Acute Respiratory, Renal and Rhythms Seminar (ARRR) in Dubbo (NSW)

9th-10th               Welcome To First-Year (WTF Seminar) in Gold Coast (QLD)

12th-13th              Rusty Pills Seminar in Ballarat (VIC) 

26th-27th             Rusty Pills Seminar in Brisbane (QLD) 


May 2018

3rd-4th                  Cardiac Nursing Seminar in Lismore (NSW)

8th-9th                  Diabetes Nursing Refresher Seminar in Caloundra (QLD)

14th-15th              Rusty Pills Seminar in Townsville (QLD) 

17th-18th              Acute Respiratory, Renal and Rhythms Seminar (ARRR) in Toowoomba (QLD)

24th-25th            Trauma Fundamentals Seminar in Darwin (NT)


June 2018

4th-5th                 Welcome To First-Year (WTF Seminar) in Hervey Bay (QLD)

21st-22nd             Rusty Pills Seminar in Coffs Harbour (NSW)


September 2018

28th-5 Oct           Pacific Island Cruise departing Brisbane

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These seminars and workshops are current offerings.  If you see nothing in your area, you just need to gather a group of nurses (15 min) and request a program.  We are very happy to mix n match sessions from our most popular seminars to offer a truly unique CPD experience in your area.  One facility wanted a day from our Respiratory seminar, and a day of Cardiac – Easy!  Another wanted a day of trauma and education on poisoning, burns and snake bite injuries – Easy done!

Our programs are costed on the time that they take to deliver.  A day of education costs the same regardless of it’s content**.

Finally, if your dream day of CPD is not listed, we write one specifically for you.  Target education hits the target!   Click here to contact us for educational requests

** Note:  Plastering and Suturing are costed differently due to numbers and consumables.

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