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Receive up to 15 CPD points whilst joining the ECT4Health Team online for an interactive educational experience

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The ECT4Health Blood Gases online education series covers ABG values, dives into CO2 and Oxygen and take a look at the complexity of compensation.  Rob teaches ABGs in a simplified format using the Hashtag technique.

The ECT4Health HDU/ICU/Critical Care Series (HICCS) online education series is designed to assist nurses who have found themselves having to update their knowledge to be confident to work with patients that have critical illness.  The program focuses on respiratory assessment distress and respiratory failure management.

The ECT4Health Rhythm Interpretation online education series covers the anatomy and physiology of the heart and cardiac conduction, then explores monitor rhythms and interpretation. 

The ECT4Health Rusty Pills 1 online education series is designed to assist paramedics and nurses with their knowledge of common medications in their practice.  We work with patients with many co-morbidities and the ever increasing incidence of polypharmacy is a common issue.