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Nurse CPD Holidays…bring the family as well!

Since 2014, ECT4Health has delivered nurse education CPD holidays.    Nurse CPD Holiday Programs are developed around the Sea Days when cruising so there is no impact on family, or friends’ time together.

Up to 22 hours of CPD is offered in our Cruises.  Class sizes are small with never more than 40 participants and the education delivered is intimate.  Never rushed, with time and opportunity to ask questions.  You will join Rob and his family on these voyages that offer between 6-7 hours of educational sessions per day.  This is a rare opportunity to bring partners and friends on a holiday and at the same time nail that CPD.

Nurses attending our CPD holidays will enjoy special perks that only our group bookings can bring.  For one all inclusive package, imagine being able to do your whole 20 CPD in luxury and claim your educational extravaganza back as a legitimate tax expense.

Our education is based on a basic model that appeals to nurses in all areas, from student nurses needing that mid-semester break and battery recharge, to the more senior nurses who know they need their CPD, but want to combine a bit of work with pleasure.

The ECT4Health 2018 Nurse CPD Holidays include:

more holidays to come…..

Why not organise your family holiday now or that trip away with friends you have always wanted to do – AND NAIL THAT CPD AT THE SAME TIME!

The ECT4Health Team look forward to seeing you in 2018!