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Self-directed learning Suture Kit 


Are you wanting to master your Suturing?

With our “self drive” suture kit you will be learning and practising different closures in no time

This brand new 2018 upgraded suture kit offers a simulation experience like no other.  We are so impressed with these kits that we issue them with every face to face workshop, but if a self paced, self directed learning tool that you can keep referring back to is your thing, these kits are everything and more.  No mess, no hassle, in your own time.

  • Closing post skin lesion
  • Confidently perform the right closure for each wound
  • Not all knots are the same.  Learn the difference, and practice like a scout or master yachtsman
  • Quality teaching, and quality materials will have you mastering your suturing.

The Apprentice Doctor’s suture kit and instructional clinical suturing course has been formulated by Dr Anton Scheepers, an internationally regarded Maxillofacial surgeon.  In this kit you will find :

  • A selection of  suture threads, needles and suturing tools
  • simulated skin to practice the many techniques,
  • Hours of exercises, and examples in high quality video demonstrations.
  • Online instructional material, and an assessment process leading to internationally regarded “Certificate of Completion”
  • and much more.

Cost is $125 + P&H 

Combine postage for 2 +kits purchased at once – discounts are offered.


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